The SO2512SP aircraft de-icing system designed and built by Cam-Concept is a unique single-operator unit, thought specifically for small airports and FBOs.

2500 liters of Type 1 de-icing Fluid and 1200 liters of Type 4 anti-icing Fluid

Fully reversible aerial lift to allow more reach and safety

Stanby mode to keep your equipment always ready to operate by keeping the type 1 fluid preheating up to 120 degrees and an operation mode that will heat the product up to 180 degrees when a flight is confirmed.

Four wheel drive with differential lock.

Many options available

We can adapt it to your specific needs

Designed for the following aircraft:

CRJ, Dash-8, B737, A320, Q400, ATR 42, B1900, King Air, PC 12 and more


Entirely designed and made in Canada by Cam-Concept Inc.

Specially designed for small airports and regional carriers.

Our Aircraft Deicers are entirely operated by one person.

SO2512SP Model Description  :

Aerial Lift
RH 37 aerial lift 
Working height of 35-foot
fully reversable aerial lift to allow more reach depending on the aircraft model to be deiced and safer operation.

12 VDC emergency  hydraulic power pack in case of failure of the main pump.

Deicing fluid tank (type 1) insulated tank of 2500 Liters

The heating system is equipped with 2 Beckett burners and has two heating mode options.

A standby mode that allows the liquid to be preheated up to 120°F without degradation of the fluid.

An Operation mode to heat the product up to 180°F when a deicing operation is necessary.

40 GPM centrifugal pump with Task Force deicing nozzle BGH -HT100 PD.

Anti-icing fluid tank (type 3-4) 1200 Liters

Hardi 1303/9 Diaphragm Pump adjustable speed with Task Force anti-icing nozzle BGH-HT75 PD

Diesel engine :

Hatz 75 hp turbo Tiers IV, mounted on pivot to facilitate the maintenance.

Hydraulic Transmission:

2x4, 4x4, 4x4 differential lock mode and automatic brakes when Deadman is released or emergency.


3 speeds, low, medium and high speed (2, 5 and 12 km/h).

automatic low speed 4x4 mode when the boom is lifted

Programmable Logic Controler (PLC):

A PLC is integrated to manage all the systems: Moving, turn and speeds control

automatic inversion of controls according to the position of the Aerial Lift 

Burners safety system, Standby and operation mode etc...

the HMI (Human Machine Interface) allow the operator to monitor the
systems of the vehicle in operation and malfunction codes.

The manufacturer can access the vehicle's PLC via the customer's network

or through the EWON cellular communication module if the vehicle is equipped with it. 

this allows him to diagnose a problem and possibly solve it remotely 

Working light:

LED working light in the basket and all around the vehicle


Extreme Cold Set (ECS)
110-volt engine bloc heater, hydraulic oil heater, Arctic-grade hydraulic oil, protective tarp
for the basket.

Ground Operation (GO)
Type 1 automatic ground hose reel with 50 foot hose for under the wings and small aircraft deicing

Safety Package (SP)
Safety harness, fire extinguisher, spare wheel.

Fluid Package (FP)
Self-pumping system for deicing and anti-icing fluid including hoses with quick connect attachment
sampling valves from the ground for both tank
In line flow meters for type 1 and 4 fluid attached to the spray gun

Wi-Fi Package (WFP)
Cellular communication system allows the  burners to be started remotely in standby mode to heat the
deicing fluid up to 120°F (Standby Mode)

Aerial Lift XRH41K

41 Feet working height Aerial Lift

we offer financing leasing program on request.

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