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A World first Aircraft Deicer Gooseneck Trailer


  • Can be hauled by any pickup truck on any road

  • Superior traction due to increased weight on the pickup truck.

  • Great stability

  • Overall length is shorter than competing models for easy handling around aircrafts.

  • Easy and safe maneuverability around aircraft.

  • Can easily be moved from base to base without a flatbed.

A towable and affordable deicing trailer perfectly suited for small airports, regional airlines, FBOs, small and corporate aircraft operations. 100% designed and fabricated in Canada by Cam Concept Inc. a world-renowned manufacturer of heavy and specialized equipment having sales in over 30 countries.

Liquid tanks

Deicing fluid (type 1) 2000 litres insulated tank
Anti-icing fluid (type 3-4) 750 litres tank

Access doors and storage

Access door on both sides for easy maintenance.
Main components such as pumps, engine, regulators, sensors, flow switch, adjustment valves, filters and hydraulics are easily accessible through doors.


Storage compartment in front of unit.

Ladder RH38

Working height of 34 feet
12 VDC hydraulic pump
Ladder rotates 360 degrees

Heating system (type 1)

The heating system is equipped with one Beckett burners and has two heating modes.
Standby mode designed by Cam-Concept preheats fluid at 14
0 F without degradation of the de-icing fluid.
Normal mode heats product up to 180°F when a de-icing operation is confirmed.

Deicing system (type 1)

Centrifuge 30 gallons/minute pump at 100 psi. Task Force Tips nozzle.
50 feet hose and nozzle with automatic reel for overwing and underwing use.

Anti-icing system (type 3-4)

Hardy 18 gallons/minute diaphragm pump at 140 psi. Task Force Tips nozzle.

Tank filling

Auto pumping system using the type 1 and type 3-4 internal pumps.
Tanks can also be filled using the top mounted filler caps.


120/240 15 kW gas generator. Diesel engine optional.


Powerful LED lights on bucket and on control panel.

Caution lights

Two strobe lights.


Fire extinguishers near bottom of ladder.


One-year parts and labor.

Extended Warranty

Two-years parts and labor.

Available Options

• Diesel engine
• Safety harness.
• Anti-skid paint on top of unit.
• Spare wheel.
• VHF communication system.
• Sampling valve for type 1 and 3-4 fluids
• Type 1 remote thermometer in bucket.
• GPI on hose volume meter located in bucket for
  type 1 et 3-4 fluids
• Type 1 and 3-4 filing hoses with quick coupling.
• Training
• Leasing available

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